Carolina is a place where innovators and entrepreneurs make a human, social and economic impact. We make purposeful transformations in the world by putting important ideas to use for the public good.

In the heart of an innovation district

At Carolina, innovation happens at the intersection of campus and community. Just a few steps from our classrooms and labs, you find yourself in downtown Chapel Hill’s quickly emerging innovation district. 这是有前途的创业公司, innovation-oriented companies and impact-driven non-profits come to grow and converge with talented students and 教师. It’s a place where local entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and top re澳门金沙赌城平台注册ers coalesce to find inventive ways to work together. New markets emerge, careers expand and businesses thrive. In Chapel Hill, college town means entrepreneurial epicenter.




Carolina innovators are solving some of the world’s biggest problems. 通过他们的聪明才智, they provide economic and social value in North Carolina and beyond: creating jobs, 找到治疗方法, 对抗疾病, 消除贫困, 消除饥饿, providing clean water and promoting social justice.

创新卡 is the University-wide initiative for innovation and entrepreneurship that provides a full-scale 创新中心 for today’s impact-driven problem solvers. Our suite of services and resources are designed for students, 教师, 校友 and people in local communities who want to launch startup companies, take new re澳门金沙赌城平台注册 discoveries to market and move important initiatives into the world.

QUVI founders Kush Jain (right) and Harshul Makwana (left) working on their initial water bottle sanitation prototype for the UNC Makeathon.

Wherever you are on your innovation journey, 创新卡 provides the entrepreneurial tools and know-how to make your ideas work.

Explore our campus- and community-based 资源目录. 并与我们的 创新中心 to take advantage of services that can help you take your impact-driven ideas further, faster:

  • 814total Carolina-affiliated 创业公司 launched
  • $17.80亿年in total funding raised by Carolina 创业公司
  • 6thmost innovative university in the world (Reuters)
  • $14.40亿年in annual revenue earned by UNC-Chapel Hill 创业公司 (2020-21)
  • 1,000+U.S. 授予卡罗莱纳州发明家的专利
  • 446Carolina-affiliated 创业公司 headquartered in North Carolina
  • 12,000+people employed by UNC-Chapel Hill 创业公司 across 29 North Carolina counties (2020-21)

Economic development for Carolina communities

高跟鞋不会在校园里闲着. We’re busy making our communities better places to work and live. Our passion for economic and community impact is reflected in the Carolina Economic Development Strategy, 一个顶级, Chancellor-level initiative and a partnership between the University and Town of Chapel Hill. 在一起, we’re accelerating downtown’s economic vibrancy, expanding career opportunities for students, and broadening the University’s partnerships with businesses, re澳门金沙赌城平台注册 organizations and government agencies.

Find out how you can get involved with other students, 校友, 创业公司, established businesses and non-profits to:
• 美化市区
• 建设创新区
• Open 创新中心 spaces in Chapel Hill and beyond